The B Corp impact assessment is a valuable management tool to help your business improve its positive impact

1-1 B Corp Consultancy

A tailored approach, depending on your business’ needs, time and resource availability. I will work closely with you to work out how best to make use of the B Corp framework, how to embed positive impact into your business and what areas we need to prioritise in order to achieve B Corp certification.

B Corp Cohort Programme

An affordable and time-efficient 8 week support programme to fit in with the working week.

This programme is aimed at small businesses (under 50 employees) keen to evaluate and improve their social and environmental impact with a drive to achieve B Corp certification. Max 6 businesses in the group.

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"The economic challenges we're facing are urgent, and it's clear that the UK public expect more from the brands they shop from and the organisations they work for. B Corp Certification provides an opportunity for companies to measure and improve impact for all stakeholders, across all areas of their business"

Chris Turner, Executive Director B Lab UK

What is B Corp certification?

The B Corp movement has seen significant growth in recent years, with the number of B Corps in the UK doubling in the 18 months to April 2024. This shows the appetite from companies to understand, measure and improve the impact they have on their stakeholders.
To become a certified B Corporation, companies have to complete the B Impact Assessment (BIA) and reach a target of 80 points. It is a challenging but rewarding process and helps businesses develop a framework to develop best practice across all aspects of their operations.

"Becoming a B Corp would send a powerful signal that the purpose of business is not just profit, but to have a positive impact on society and the environment"

Paul Polman, former CEO Unilever